Uniform Rental and Service

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Much more than uniforms.

Direct Embroidery

Custom emblem and embroidery work is done right in our Shelbyville facility, not farmed out. Which means we respond to your requests promptly. We offer many standard colors for emblems and embroidery. We can also match thread to your exact business colors on request.


We provide traditional floor mats, custom logo mats, outdoor scraper mats and anti-fatigue cushion mats.

Fender Covers

Our tough, personalized fender covers help protect paint jobs from tools.

Mops and Brooms

Ask us about our line of treated dust mops, wet mops, brooms.


We supply shop towels, print towels, blue stripe terry towels, bar towels, wipe towels and bath towels.

Bathroom Services

We offer foaming anti-bacterial hand soap, foaming instant hand sanitizer, industrial hand soap, paper products and continuous roll towels.