Doing What It Takes To Do It Right

Barcodes, state-of-the-art tracking technology

Every Logan’s garment has its own barcode heat sealed onto the fabric. When it needs repair, you simply write that barcode number on a service request board. We enter the number into our computer system and when the garment comes back to us for laundering, our system tracks the barcode and the garment is pulled out and repaired or replaced.

Inspection process

Logan’s features more in-plant quality inspection stations than at any other uniform rental service facility in the region. This extra effort ensures the consistent quality that our customers know and expect. Our quality control teams are the backbone of the Logan’s Zero Defects Program which runs statistical audits of garments every day.

Continuous customer satisfaction measurement

Your route service representative and outside route manager conduct ongoing surveys to keep track of your satisfaction level with us. Your feedback is used to improve our customer service.

Regular service visits to customers’ businesses

Your outside route manager schedules periodic visits to monitor performance of both the plant and route staffs. Proactive quality control assures that problems don’t suddenly occur. And again, your feedback is welcomed and helps us improve our service.