A Family Affair for 85 Years

Three generations of commitment to the Shelbyville-Louisville area — and beyond

In 1925, William Lindsey Logan opened a small laundry business in Shelbyville, Kentucky. Eighty-five years and three generations later, his commitment to quality and service is alive and well at Logan’s Uniform Rental. Today, our service area has grown to encompass a 28 county area in North/Central Kentucky and Southeastern Indiana — in cities that include Shelbyville, Louisville, Lexington, Richmond, Bowling Green and more. (Take a look at our service area map.)

Exceptional service

Logan’s route service representatives are more than delivery people; they are knowledgeable and courteous service professionals. The entire staff at Logan’s is dedicated to providing your company a worry-free uniform program — so you can spend your time running your business.

Cost-efficiency, state of the art facility, benefits of scale

Our 50,000 square foot uniform facility houses the most modern processing equipment available. Every week, more than 70 employees make sure that more than 30,000 garments are processed correctly and delivered on schedule.

Barcode technology

We use Visual SmartTRAK technology for pin-point tracking of all uniforms. Every Logan’s garment has its own barcode heat sealed onto the fabric, and when a uniform needs repair, you simply write that barcode number on a service request board. We enter that number into our computer system and when the garment comes back to us for laundering, our system automatically tracks it and the garment is pulled out and repaired or replaced.

Environmental excellence

As a routine part of uniform laundering and cleaning, we remove all contaminants such as mercury, lead and oil — while strictly adhering to environmental guidelines for proper handling and disposal. We operate our own wastewater treatment plant on-site to help ensure a safe environment for future generations.