Clothes Make the Employee
Uniform Rental

A research study conducted by J.D. Power and Associates suggests that consumers and business people prefer to see uniformed employees at the companies they deal with.


A laundered, nicely pressed and well maintained work uniform makes employees look sharp, and that reflects positively on the employee and employer.


People tend to perceive uniform wearers as professional, knowledgeable and trustworthy.


A uniform program helps identify non-employee visitors at your facility, to help keep your place of business more secure.


You want your employees to be safe, and we provide the right garments — starting with properly fitting uniforms, to protective garments, to high-visibility clothing to flame retardant materials.

Why Rent versus Own?

The look and feel of brand new clothes is great. But with a purchase program, the quality of the garments declines from the first day they’re worn. With Logan’s uniform rental workwear program, your uniforms are always spotlessly clean and well maintained. No dirty or stained clothes, no missing buttons, no broken zippers, no problem should an employee grow out of his or her uniform. And you’re not left holding the bag if an employee leaves. Whenever a garment becomes worn-out we replace it. Whenever you need a uniform’s size or style changed we’ll replace it.


For about the cost of a fast food combo meal each week, we provide an employee’s uniforms, pick up and wash them, repair/replace (if needed) and return the garments. Our simple, level billing means no surprises.


Because we do everything that's needed to maintain your uniforms, all you and your staff have to do is get dressed.

Uniform Cleaning

Every week Logan’s picks up your company’s soiled uniforms, brings them back to our plant where we launder them — removing all dirt, grime and stains, as well as any contaminants such as mercury, lead and oil. When they’re spotless and crisply pressed, we bring them back to you, ready to wear.


As a rule, when people look good, they feel good. And when people feel good, they work better. Human resource professionals tell us that work uniform programs build teamwork and pride, improve morale, decrease employee turnover and improve safety. We’ve seen first-hand that it’s true.